Tips for Travelling the World While Seeking Adventure and Fun

Published: 12/06/2012

The decision to travel around the world is almost certainly going to be a life changing experience. The problem is that some people turn it into a type of endurance race instead of the adventure and fun time it should be. A trip around the world should not be simply about crossing countries off a list but about diving into the culture and getting the best out of what is on offer. Here are some tips for travelling around the world while seeking fun and adventure:

  • It is important that you have realistic expectations for your trip. It is not really feasible to visit all the countries in the world over the course of one year – or even half the countries. In order to really see a country you are going to need at least a couple of weeks. If you are just travelling the world to get border crossing stamps in your passport you can expect a gruelling and uncomfortable ride.
  • When you are planning a trip around the world it is best to be flexible with these plans. Some of the most exciting things happen abroad when we just go with the flow. It is understandable that we need to stick to some type of schedule in regards to flights and buses, but it is worth buying tickets that are flexible in regards to travel times.
  • In all the popular countries around the world there will be a well trodden tourist path. The good thing about following this path is that you will get to visit the most popular attractions in the country. The real downside with doing this, though, is that you are going to be spending all your time with other tourists, and you are going to miss out on the real culture. It really pays to go off the beaten track regularly so that you experience something unique when you visit these countries.
  • It is important to understand that there is a real risk that travelling around the world with a friend or love interest is going to destroy this relationship. This is because when you go on this type of trip you will be committing to spending most of your time with this person. It is important that you agree to some rules before you start the holiday – for example, how to fairly decide where you will visit and what you will do each day.
  • It is recommended that you factor in plenty of time for rest and relaxation during your trip. Travelling from place to place can become a bit exhausting if you are doing it constantly – if you try to do this for a year without a break you will be a walking zombie. A good idea is to take a couple of weeks on an island or at a beach resort where you just chill out and don’t do any travelling. It is also important that you leave a few hours each day just for relaxing.
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