Being a Voluntary Worker - Part 2

Published: 07/05/2013

So we’ve covered what it means to be a voluntary worker:  giving yourself over completely to work to better the situations of others more in need.  Whether it’s local, global, children, elderly, medical, agricultural…. volunteers make a huge difference to those in need and are appreciated the world over.  And we’ve explored the reasons why people consider voluntary work such as personal and skill benefits.

You’ve now decided where you want to go and what you want to do in the way of voluntary work so now lets explore how you’d get the ball rolling. 

If you have a computer and access to the internet, the first port of call for you would be the many websites that offer assistance is arranging your work.  Search under ‘voluntary work websites’ and you’ll find a mass of information which will lead you to websites listing available positions and offering to guide you every step of the way.  It’s as simple as the click of a mouse.  If you don’t have computer access, visit a library and use their internet instead and while you’re in there, ask the staff at information if they can suggest any avenues for you to try.

These days looking for voluntary work can be just the same as searching for a regular job.  In fact, even some regular jobs will have voluntary positions available where you can prove your passion and commitment to a position before being offered a paid position.  So try your employment/recruitment agencies and if they don’t offer positions, ask them who does.

If you have a particular organisation in mind, try approaching their Human Resources Department or send them a CV and write to them to find out if they can put you into a voluntary position. 

Without a doubt, though, the internet has, by far, the widest range of options when searching for voluntary work.  Sites that will push you in the right directions, challenge your reasons for volunteering and even list positions available which you can apply for online or you could do a search via organisation or country if you want to be working for a particular cause or in a particular location.

If you’re busy already, start small and volunteer part-time.  Many of us don’t have the luxury of volunteering if we have families to feed and roofs to put over their heads but with a part-time paid position, it them becomes more viable that we can do at least some charitable work for a few hours a week or more.  You never know what benefits you may discover doing volunteer work and once you’re in there you may find that working voluntarily full time is in fact an option for you, given the discounts or benefits that some volunteer workers receive. 

You could also just take some time out to attend a training course offered by an organisation in the pursuit of preparing yourself in the meantime.

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