5 Backpacker Hostels That You Have to Stay At

Published: 10/30/2012

It used to be that staying in a hostel was just something young people did in an attempt to save money while they travelled around the world. These were often very basic places that offered the minimum by way of comfort. Times have changed though and now there are some excellent backpacker hostels to choose from including:

Backpack Guesthouse, Budapest, Hungary

The Backpack Guesthouse in Budapest is almost like a cheap new age sap. You do not have to be a new ager to go here, but it will certainly help you get the most out of the experience. This facility offers dorm rooms and private rooms and it is possible to pick up a double room for just £11.50. Those who are on a particularly tight budge might like to pitch a tent in the garden next to the gazebo. The staff members here are all young and friendly, and the accommodation is all bright and welcoming. The Bob Marley room is definitely worth checking out.

Sleeping with the Enemy, Sydney, Australia

Sleeping with the Enemy not only has the coolest name of any youth hostel, but it is also a fabulous place to stay. In fact, this is the type of place where you are likely to want to live full time – it is that good. The philosophy behind this facility is to give people who are travelling around (often in grubby accommodation) a chance to stay in somewhere a bit more upmarket. It is a luxurious place where people are going to feel pampered. It costs about £7 per night to stay here, and it is advisable to book well in advance.

Backpackers International, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Backpackers International claims to be the friendliest and most affordable youth hostel in this part of the world. They offer comfortable accommodation right beside the beach. This is a part of the world where you will probably want to go exploring for most of the day and night, but there are some nice activities inside the hostel. They offer a choice of different accommodations, and they will even pick you up from the airport.

Art Hostel, Sofia, Bulgaria

Art Hostel is known for its edgy feel. It harks back to the days when staying in a hostel really made you feel like you were travelling the world on a shoestring. The accommodation here is not opulent by any means, but it is certainly going to be enough to suit most of us. The main reasons why we put Art Hostel in our top 5 is that it reminds us what this type of accommodation should be about – cheap and cheerful.

Villa Saint Exupery, Nice, France

Villa Saint Exupery is probably the best value youth hostel in the world. Not so much because it is cheap (it costs about £15 per night) but because it is so lavish. There is no doubt that this hostel could charge a great deal more for their accommodation and there would be plenty of people willing to pay.

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