Best Places to Celebrate the New Years Eve for 2012 / 2013

Published: 11/24/2012

New Year’s Eve is a unique holiday because it is celebrated by so many people around the world. There is also just something so joyful about seeing out the old year and welcoming in the new. It is a time to party hard and to think about resolutions. There are plenty of great places in the UK to celebrate the New Year, but to make it an even more special occasion it is worth travelling abroad. Here are just some of the great places where people might like to welcome in 2013.

Time Square, New York

Time Square is probably the most famous place on the planet for celebrating the New Year. This is where crowds wait to see the ball drop that signals the end of one year and the start of a new one. Time Square does get crazy on the night, and it is certainly not the best place to be if you hate crowds. If you want to really enjoy a festive atmosphere you will certainly find this here. Just make sure that you take along some warm clothes because it gets cold in New York at this time of year.

Barcelona, Spain 

The Spanish offer unique New Year’s celebrations, and the whole city goes wild at this time of year. One of the most novel things that Barcelona do is that they eat grapes as the clock strikes in the new year – one grape for each dong. The purpose of doing this is to give people good luck for the rest of the year. There are opportunities to party all over the city, so Barcelona is probably the most fun place to celebrate the New Year in mainland Europe.

Sydney, Australian

Not only is Australia one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, due to the time difference, but they also do it with a lot of style. The fireworks that light up Sydney Bridge have now become the stuff of legend, and the whole city parties hard to mark the occasion. It is a long way to travel to a party, but it is hard to imagine anyone attending these celebrations and not enjoying themselves.

Amsterdam, Holland

When it comes to New Year fireworks it is hard to beat the Dutch. Amsterdam is certainly not the place to be at this time of year if your nerves are shot – the firework explosions can make it seem as if the whole city has turned into a war zone. It is great fun though, and Amsterdam is a party city at any time of the year.

Las Vegas, USA

If you are looking for an extravagant and stylish New Year then the place to go would be Las Vegas. This city in the desert offers superb firework displays, and there are plenty of places where party goers can go wild. One of the other great things about Las Vegas is that some of the biggest names in showbiz will have shows on for the New Year.

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