Best Places to Eat Out Around the World

Published: 09/12/2014

Some people consider food nothing more than one of the essential elements of life. They do not care what is on their plate as long as it's semi-edible. But you – well let’s just say you consider yourself a foodie to the highest degree. When you travel, you want to go to places where the local food is just as important as any of the popular tourist sites.

We have put together our list of the best places to eat out around the world. You will note we did not include specific restaurants. We felt there are just too many excellent establishments to do any of them justice. So instead, we have chosen destinations with a good selection of restaurants and cafés for you to choose from.

Fes, Morocco

The multiple influences that have graced Morocco over the centuries make it a unique travel experience whatever way you look at it. For the foodie, there is an eclectic range of tastes that will challenge your palate and your senses. Morocco may even redefine how you look at exotic food. From the traditional, slow roasted lamb to the Spanish/Israeli-inspired pastry known as pastille, Moroccans have learned to do incredible things with meat. Be sure to partake of a generous sampling among both sit down restaurants and casual street vendors.

Bangkok, Thailand

As long as we are talking about casual street vendors, Bangkok is a must-see destination for the food lover. The thing about Bangkok is that there is a street vendor offering something unique around every corner. What's more, they are out there creating and selling their culinary delicacies at all hours of the day and night. Whether you like noodles, tofu, fresh vegetables, seafood, or spicy meat, there is something for everyone in Bangkok. However, here's a word of caution: if you cannot identify something, eat it before you ask what is.

Big Island, Hawaii USA

The biggest island in the Hawaiian chain is appropriately known as ‘Big Island’. We recommend this as a foodie destination because of the stark contrast between Asian, Polynesian, and mainland American influences. Hawaii may be a US state, but the culture is distinct. That is certainly reflected in their food choices. You can find Korean barbecue, mainline Chinese and Japanese dishes, Portuguese sausage, and even the traditional Polynesian pork known as the Kalua pig. Bringing it all together is near-perfect weather allowing for outdoor cooking and dining year-round.

The West Indies

Not many people know much about the culture of the West Indies. However, for the food lover who has never experienced exotic Caribbean cuisine, there is no better place to go. While you are there, you absolutely have to try any of the local conch dishes. Conch is a very different seafood the local island residents have become experts at preparing.


Hungry yet? If so, it's time to start planning your next food holiday at one of the great destinations we have listed here. And don't forget to take your appetite!

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