The Best Pub Crawls in the World - Revealed!

Published: 11/07/2012

There are some great destinations around the world if you are looking for a night on the town or even a lazy afternoon. Deciding on the best pub crawls in the world is no easy task, and it is all a matter of personal taste. Here are the best suggestions (in no particular order) that our team could think of.

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

There are Irish pubs in every city across the globe so it probably seems unnecessary to actually travel there to go drinking. The truth is, though, that these franchised drinking establishments are nowhere near as good as the real thing. If you want to experience a great night out then we recommend the Temple Bar area of the Emerald Isle’s capital city. There are plenty of bars here to ensure that your pub crawl is in no danger of running out of options.

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya in Thailand is undoubtedly the number one destination for pub crawls on the planet. This is the kind of place that booze hounds might have thought only existed in dreams until they actually go there. This tropical seaside town not only provides the ideal drinking weather, but it is also home to thousands of bars. You could probably go on a year long pub crawl here and still have places left to check out. The other great thing about Thailand as a drinking destination is that the booze is as cheap as peanuts.

Rose Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Rose Street in Edinburgh is often called the amber mile because it is full of great bars. It was once possible to do a pub crawl from one end of the street to another, but there are now so many drinking establishments that even the most determined drinkers would struggle to get even half way down the street. The Edinburgh bars offer a great atmosphere, and so a pub crawl there is a good option.

Prague. Czech Republic

Prague is another great drinking city, and visitors will have no problem finding a suitable itinerary for a booze tour. The price of a night on the town has gone up here in recent years, but it is still better value than the UK.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The wildest pub crawl on the planet is to be found in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This capital city has a real Wild West feel, and it is not for the faint hearted. Some of the bars in Phnom Penh are mentioned around the world in awed tones – places like the Heart of Darkness and the Foreign Correspondence Club. Anyone who chooses to go partying in this Cambodian city is almost guaranteed a memorable night out.

So there you have some of our choices for the best pub crawls in the world. It goes without saying that getting drunk in a foreign country is never a good idea and moderation is always the best policy. It is also strongly advised that you have good travel insurance before embarking on this type of holiday.

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