Good Reasons to Buy Annual Holiday Insurance

Published: 09/26/2012

These days most of us have to keep a close eye on our budgets. We just can’t afford to be spending money unnecessarily. One area of expenditure where many of us go wrong is insurance policies. We can end up with coverage that is just not suitable or we pay extra for things that we do not really want or need. This can be particularly true when it comes to single trip holiday insurance. This is only really suitable for people who go away for a short holiday once a year. Those of us who find that we are purchasing more than one of these policies within a 12 month period are almost certainly wasting money.

Good Reasons to Buy Annual Holiday Insurance

There are definitely some good reasons to purchase annual holiday insurance such as:

  • It is usually much cheaper to buy multi trip annual holiday insurance than it is to buy single trip insurance more than once for year. This means that if we intend to be travelling a few times over the course of the year then our best option will be to buy multi trip insurance.
  • The nice thing about having multi trip annual insurance is that there is no need to worry about buying a policy anytime we intend to go away. It is one less thing to think about.
  • It is usually possible to tailor this type of policy to fit the exact needs of the individual. This is important because it means that the customer will be less likely to be paying for things that they do not really need.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Annual Holiday Insurance

There are some things that people should consider before choosing this type of insurance such as:

  • There is usually no limit on the number of trips that a person can make over the course of a year, but there will usually be a limit on how long these trips can be. The amount this is will vary between insurers but it is usually be somewhere around 30 days.
  • If people intend to be travelling for a year or more it is not a good option to buy annual holiday insurance. This policy does not cover long holidays like this one, and the individual will be much better off considering something like backpacker insurance.
  • The variation between the amounts that different insurers will charge for this type of policy is wide. This means that it is important to always compare a number of different insurers before deciding on one of them.
  • It is not a good idea to be too focused on price when comparing different annual multi trip insurance policies. It is possible to find some cheap options that are very bad value because they do not offer much coverage. When comparing these policies always consider what is covered as well as the price – this will help ensure that you are comparing like with like.
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