Cheap Deals on Travel Insurance for Backpackers

Published: 09/21/2012

Taking some time out of life to travel the world is something that more and more people are feeling the need to do. It was once the case that backpacking was mostly associated with young people, but this is changing. We now have people in their seventies who have decided that the time has come to put their most necessary belongings into one bag so they can go experience what the rest of the world has to offer. This type of travel tends to be associated with living on a shoestring budget. This is because those who intend to travel for a year or more need to make their money last. There is one item though that they will not want to skimp too much on, and this is travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for Backpackers

Most travel insurance companies now offer special packages for those who are going backpacking around the world. The needs of this type of traveller differ from other people so it makes sense that the insurance package will be different too. The type of coverage that people will need with this type of policy can include:

  • Backpackers will be travelling a lot so, but things can happen that force them to change their plans. This means that unless they have some type of cancellation insurance they could lose money.
  • The biggest fear for people travelling in a foreign country is that they will fall all far away from a proper treatment facility. A good backpacker policy will have enough medical coverage to get the person the treatment they need, and if necessary airlift them home.
  • When people are backpacking around the world they will tend to have many of their belongings with them. It is good to have insurance in case anything is lost.
  • Personal indemnity insurance is also good to have.

How Backpackers Can Find Cheap Travel Insurance

As we have mentioned already it is not such a good idea to skimp on travel insurance, but this does not mean that people need to spend too much money. It is possible to find cheap quality backpacker coverage by:

  • It is important to compare a number of options in order to find the best possible deals. If people only look at one or two insurers it is unlikely that they will be getting a bargain.
  • Online price comparison websites make it much easier to find the best deals on travel insurers. It is possible to compare what is offered by hundreds of insurers at the click of a button. This greatly increases the chances of people getting the best deal.
  • It is best that people do not only focus on price when choosing backpacker insurance. It is possible to find a cheap policy that is still poor value for money because it offers so little coverage. When comparing these policies always consider the amount of coverage offered as well as the price. 
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