Escape the British Winter – Part 2

Published: 10/31/2014

Are you looking to escape the British winter for a couple of weeks? You are not alone. December through until early March are the favourite months of the year for Britons who love to ease the winter blues by way of a little sun and sand. An ample supply of great winter destinations doesn't hurt, either.

In our previous post, we talked about a handful of short haul winter destinations that you might consider for escaping the British winter. In this post, we will look at a few medium haul destinations. Remember, a medium haul destination is one with a flight time of between three and six hours.


In just over five hours, you can fly from London to Cairo. It just so happens that Egypt is a favourite medium haul destination among Britons because it is reasonably affordable and offers a rare glimpse into ancient history that most of us have only heard about in school. A visit to Egypt is a chance to see the legendary periods along with some of the oldest surviving city architecture in the world. The modern Egyptian culture is also well worth experiencing. If you do go, be sure to take a cruise along the Nile.

Southern Turkey

The southern coast of Turkey is known as the 'Turkish Riviera' for good reason. There has been a lot of development along the shoreline over the last 20 years, with plenty of Mediterranean resorts catering to European travellers. Along with the great weather, there is an abundance of history and culture to take in as well. Southern Turkey is a good choice for travellers who are looking for warm weather but not necessarily all the trappings of a more commercially developed destination. You might take in a weeklong Blue Voyage cruise if you are the seafaring type.


You can catch a flight from Heathrow to Algiers that takes just over four hours. Algiers in the capital of the North African country of Algeria, and one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in that country. It makes a great launching point for exploring the outlying areas. From camel rides in the desert to a long list of Mediterranean coastal resorts, Algeria has something for everyone.


The coastal areas of Israel tend to have favourable weather during the winter months while the interior is apt to being cooler and wetter. Having said that, accumulating snows are rare. We are recommending it as a holiday choice for escaping the British winter because you will get better weather and you will be able to see all of the most important sites without having to deal with everything that comes with the peak summer travel season.


If you stick with destinations around the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, there are plenty of medium haul options. Next time, the final part of this series, we will look at some attractive long-haul destinations that make it easy to leave the British winter behind. Until then, happy travels!

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