The Essential Backpackers Guide to Europe - Part 3

Published: 05/05/2013

In the earlier posts in this series we discussed planning your trip, and getting around. It is now time to focus more on the nitty-gritty of getting the most out of this experience. What follows are some ideas for how you can do this.

Finding the Right Accommodation

Your options in regards to accommodation will depend a great deal on your budget for this trip. One of the cheapest options will be camping, and this can be great fun if you enjoy the great outdoors. It is important to keep in mind though, that there are usually costs associated with camping, including ground fees. Another cheap option is to stay in a hostel – these can be found in all the main tourist areas in Europe, and it can actually be fun to stay in these places. Those individuals who are travelling as part of a group may find that it is cost effective to hire a campervan. A good way to cut down on accommodation costs is to do your long distance travel at night.

How to Find Cheap Deals on Tourist Attractions

If people pay the full price for tourist attractions, it will soon eat away at their travel budget. The good news is that there are usually special deals on these attractions, and the trick is to find them – this means doing a bit of research before you travel. Many European cities offer a special pass that you pay for once and it then allows you to enter the main local attractions. Purchasing this card will mean that you will pay much less than you would if you were to pay for each attraction individually – of course, it will only really be cost effective if you intend to visit enough attractions. If you are a student, you will definitely want to take along your student identification (usually your NUS card), as this will get you discounts in many places. It is also a good idea to look at the free travel magazines that you find in places like youth hostels to see if there are any good deals being offered.

Cheap Food and Drink

The biggest expense when travelling around Europe can be food and drink – especially if you like to dine well and you are a bit of a party animal. Eating every meal in a restaurant is going to be expensive, so it is best to try to buy food from grocery stores at least some of the time. When it comes to drinks, you will want to look out for happy hours and drink promotions. It is also recommended that you do not go out drinking alcohol every night of your trip – this is not only bad for your budget, but it is also bad for your health.

Free Entertainment

Most cities will have at least some free entertainment options. It is not necessary to spend money in order to have a good time, so it is definitely recommended that you enjoy as much as you can for free.

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