Good Options for Family Travel Insurance

Published: 09/28/2012

If people plan to be travel abroad with their families they could end up wasting money by purchasing single trip insurance for each member of the group. This is because when it comes to this type of policy there are usually discounts for buying in bulk. In other words, it will likely be cheaper to purchase one policy for the whole family rather than individual policies. When it comes to family travel insurance there is a number of options, and it is recommended that people do a bit of research before they commit to any policy.

The Best Type of Family Travel Insurance

It is difficult to determine the best type of family insurance because people will have their own unique needs. The two most important options worth considering are annual multi trip family travel insurance and single trip family travel insurance. If the family is only planning one short trip together over the course of a 12 month period they will probably be best with single trip insurance – this will usually have to be a holiday that is less than 30 days. Those families who intend to travel together more than once a year will usually be better off purchasing annual multi trip travel insurance. This policy allows them to travel as many times as they want over the course of a year, but each of these trips will usually need to be less than 30 days in duration. If a family tends to be travelling abroad for longer than a month they might be better off considering some type of backpacker insurance.

Tips for Purchasing Family Travel Insurance

Here are a few tips to help people choose the best travel insurance:

  • There can be a huge differences in the amount different insurers will want to charge for similar policies. It is therefore important that people consider a number of options before coming to any final decision.
  • When comparing family travel insurance policies it is important to always compare like with like. This means not only considering the price of each policy but also the amount of coverage that is being offered.
  • If a policy is cheap, but it does not offer much coverage then it is not really much of a deal. There are some cheap policies that are basically a waste of money because they cover so little.
  • It can be time consuming to compare quotes of insurers over the phone or by visiting their offices. Thankfully this is no longer necessary because online comparison websites can allow people to compare the quotes of hundreds of different insurers in a matter of minutes. This saves on time and shoe leather.
  • It is important to consider each policy carefully to ensure that it covers all the necessary things. It is equally important to ensure that you are not paying for coverage that you do not really want.
  • Single trip family travel insurance is only a good option for families going on one short trip per year. 
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