Getting Around on a Cruise Ship

Published: 08/16/2013

Some adventurers or holiday makers prefer to travel by cruise liner.  This means of getting around has its benefits and short falls, as do all means.  It is a fast growing industry so there must be something that a lot of people love about it!


When cruising, you are taken to many destinations without once having to arrange transport or pack your bags.  If you are the type of person who loves lazing by the pool then cruising is a great option as you will spend many days getting to locations and using the facilities on the ship.  Your stops are usually short and plentiful, giving you the opportunity to get a taste of each destination which helps you to decide if you’d like to revisit in the future for longer.  This is not helpful, however, if you can only afford one holiday or you’re the type of person who likes to explore each city thoroughly and submerge yourself in its surroundings.  If you’re interested in a more in-depth experience when visiting destinations by water, search the internet for small craft cruises.  These barges and river-boats are better suited to docking for longer.


Cruise ships today are well advanced in comparison to those used decades ago.  Most cruise ships carry between 2000 and 5000 passengers.  Some smaller vessels such as super yachts or boutique cruise liners boast a far more luxurious experience.  These vessels usually carry around 100 – 1250 passengers.  The Mega ships can take over 5000 passengers!  The expense of travelling by water can be a few hundred dollars or 100,000s.  Journeys can last anywhere between a few days and a few months.


So do you choose a small luxurious vessel, a standard cruise liner or a mega ship?  Each type of vessel has its pros.  What you need to decide is whether you want your fun on or off the ship:


-          Smaller vessels can dock in smaller locations and can visit more rugged coastlines, often saving an inland journey of a couple of hours.


-          Large cruise liners have to dock in developed ports but offer more amenities on the ship, making the journey more interesting.


-          Mega ships have to dock in even better developed ports but offer an even wider range of activities whilst on the liner.


The length of time that you get to stop off at locations can vary and you can choose the cruise to your needs.  A few days, a week, a month…


You can be dining and entertained on the ship at night only to wake up at your next port of call where you can disembark early in the morning and take breakfast on land somewhere followed by a guided tour, provided you are back at the ship by the designated time (late afternoon, usually).


Cabins can vary depending on what you’re paying so look around and choose what you can afford and what suits your needs.    The average age used to be senior citizens but it’s now anywhere between 20 and 60.

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