Getting Around on Aeroplanes

Published: 08/28/2013

The first mode of transport that springs to mind for most people when discussing a holiday or trip away from your own country is flying.  For most far away journeys, a flight or two are required to at least get you into your country of choice and back home again, whether you decide to choose your main mode of transport as something different for example cruise liners, trains or safari trucks or not. 

Some people are afraid of flying and prefer to minimise their time on planes whilst others appreciate what it has to offer and enjoy taking trips in the air.  There are benefits and downfalls to flying everywhere.  The main downfall would have to be the cost but there are ways of avoiding spending more than you need to.  If you are an avid traveler and want to see many countries then an around-the-world ticket is certainly cheaper than buying one-way tickets everywhere you go. 

The restricted space on an aircraft makes this type of travel unsuitable for larger people who enjoy their comfort whilst getting around.  There are limitations on the amount of luggage that you can take with you and every journey involves checking your luggage in and retrieving it again which can be a tiring process.  Aeroplanes are air-conditioned and this can cause bugs to spread on the craft.  The activity of reaching such high altitudes also plays havoc on your organs and these two issues combined can cause dry skin, constipation and dehydration but if you’re used to flying then these things won’t matter to you.  On an aircraft, passengers need to stay mobile to keep their blood flowing and you can’t choose who you’re sat next to unless you’re lucky enough to be on a plane that isn’t full with enough room for you to move around.  Meals are average and sleep is often hard to accomplish.

Having said that, there are benefits to flying, the main one being how quickly one can get from A to B.  Staff on aeroplanes are usually very accommodating and their main job is to ensure that you have a comfortable journey.  If you are scared of flying they will usually calm you down and take care of you during the trip.  The airlines offer escorts to accompany minors on journeys without their guardians.  These escorts will stay with the minor from start to finish and ensure that they are delivered into safe hands at the destination point.  On planes you can visit many countries that are miles apart in a short space of time which is suitable for older working travelers who don’t have time to backpack around the globe for months on end.  Airports are a hub of activity for tour groups, buses, car rentals, taxis, hotels… anyone who is employed to make your holiday more pleasurable and easier to manage.

Airports are also a great place to buy duty free products which are good for gifts and memorabilia and there are usually many cafes and restaurants for you to pass the time whilst waiting for your flight to board.

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