Getting Around on Tour Buses

Published: 09/03/2013

Bus and coach tours are popular in every country and for every age.  You can visit and experience a country from top to toe on one bus with the same group of people with all your intricate details worked out for you by the bus company.  They will organise your accommodation, meals, sites that you see and any other transport required.  Most tours are tailored to your specifications for example, you’ll be put with people in your own age-group which avoids the difficulties that may occur if young and old people travel together as they have very different paces and travel desires.

Usually, the older travelers enjoy taking things a little slower and spending more time in a good restaurant enjoying a glass of wine whilst the younger travelers are more keen on seeing the sites at a good pace and enjoying a big night out on the town. 

Tour buses all have different itineraries and lengths of trips which makes for a range of prices too, some expensive and some affordable.  Some bus groups have luxury buses with more facilities than others whilst some are cruder and suit the budget traveler better.  Find a city or country you want to visit, check out the tour guides that offer bus tours and find a tour that’s tailored to your desires.  You may prefer seeing mountains and glaciers or you want to visit cities and beaches instead.  You might be looking for a 5 day tour or possible one that goes for three weeks!

This way of seeing sites and traveling around is especially suitable for solo travelers as it offers security and the opportunity for them to make multiple acquaintances and possibly even firm friends during their trip with whom they will be sharing many memorable experiences so rather than travel by yourself (if you’re not an experienced, confident thrill-seeker) book yourself onto a bus or coach tour with a friend or just on your own.

It also suits the more flexible traveler as what pleases you also needs to be appropriate for the other people on the bus.  If you want to spend a few days in each location then maybe an on-off bus ticket or train pass is more suited to your travels but you’ll have to forfeit the group as you’ll be traveling on your own this way.  Most friendly and out-going people are flexible anyway so you’ll probably find that if you’re on a bus or coach, you’ll probably be surrounded by easy-going people anyway.

Double-decker buses and open top buses are often used for shorter site-seeing trips as they provide a good view, and aren’t used for longer bus tours as they don’t have seating that is as comfortable, nor do the buses have storage facilities for all the baggage or seating that’s suitable for sleeping on long journeys.

If you don’t shine to the idea of a bus tour, there are always cruise liners, around-the-world air tickets, jump on, jump off train passes or you could even travel by foot and dabble in a little hitchhiking.

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