Getting Around on Trains

Published: 08/23/2013

Whilst some travelers may choose to get around on cruise liners or by hire car, many still feel the romantic connection to tripping around a country on train.  This is a good way to get around overland as train stations are usually well connected to bus and tram routes all around the country that you’re visiting, stopping in all the main hubs of activity in all the cities.

 You may at times be zooming through underground tunnels on a bullet train or chuffing your way slowly through some beautiful countryside in an older model decked out with booths and more spacious seating.  The general idea is always the same, though.  Purchase your tickets, try and get reserved seating if you can, stow your luggage away above you and sit back and relax as you watch the landscape unfold outside your window. 

 Travel by train is very affordable and perfectly suited to the wandering backpacker or student who may not have a lot to spend on transport but wants to stop for longer at each destination, taking their time to get around or maybe work a little as they go to finance their travels.  One downfall about traveling by train is that you need to be aware of the announcements or you may miss your stop altogether.  There is always a conductor and staff selling refreshments who you can ask for assistance if you’re not sure when your stop is coming up.

 Another downfall is actually getting off the train.  You need to make sure you have all your belongings because the train won’t stop for long and you need to be stationed by the door in anticipation of them opening so that you can exit quickly.   If you have more money to spend and want to really connect with the romantic side of train travel, you can go via luxury train.  Luxury trains offer a more decadent, elegant ride and evoke feelings of being immersed in history and heritage.

 Some luxury trains will take passengers to many destinations to explore those areas whilst other luxury trains will take passengers on a long relaxing ride so that they can enjoy the facilities on the train.  The benefits of train travel over air travel is the break of the monotony of clouds and no view of the area you’re visiting.  On a train you can see the countryside and houses, industrial areas and forests and mountains.  All that the country has to offer to the eye.  You can also enjoy restaurants, bars and more space for luggage, comfortable and spacious seating and sleeping options and better washrooms.  Today luxury train travel is becoming more and more popular.

 Rovos Rail in South Africa can take you from the Cape to Cairo in 28 days and is super luxurious.  India boasts a long list of luxury trains including The Orient Express, The Golden Chariot and The Deccan Odyssey.  In Europe you’ll find the Golden Eagle Trans Siberian and the Royal Scotsman, among others. You will also find luxury trains in North and South America, through Asia, Africa and Australia and New Zealand.

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