Interrailing in Europe - Making the Most of Your Time

Published: 03/31/2013

Interrailing is a great option for people who want to really explore Europe. The rail network in this part of the world is extensive and reliable, and it can be a very inexpensive way to get around. It is common for people going on this kind of holiday to purchase some type of interrail card that allows them unlimited travel on the European rail network for a certain period of time. This can be well worth doing. Below are a few ideas to help people get the most out of their time while interrailing.

  • If tourists are looking to keep their holiday costs down, they can do this by travelling long distances at night. Those people who pay extra for a sleeping berth will be able to get a good night’s sleep, and they will save on the money they would normally pay for a hotel. The downside of travelling at night, though, is that it means missing out on the local scenery.
  • It is recommended that tourists think carefully about where they sit on the train. This can mean getting a window seat and knowing beforehand which side of the train offers the best views. These days it is relatively easy to obtain this type of information using things like Google Maps.
  • Interrailing can be expensive if people are always buying food on the train – food items are usually far more expensive when sold on board. The best way to get around this is for individuals to take along their own food and drink. This is also usually a tastier option because the food served on trains is sometimes not very good.
  • It is important not to be overly ambitious when going on an interrailing holiday. If people are spending hours each day on a train, it will mean that they are getting good value out of their interrailing ticket, but it will also probably mean a very boring holiday. It is probably best to stay at least a couple of days in any of the main destination on the trip.
  • Other passengers on trains can make these trips a joy or a nightmare. Meeting new people can be interesting and fun, but sitting beside the wrong person can mean an unpleasant few hours. Probably the best way to deal with annoying passengers is to stick on some headphones – it is not even necessary to have music playing because the mere fact of wearing headphones is usually enough evidence that the person has no wish to engage in conversation.
  • Another thing that can make train travel difficult is taking along too many belongings. Those people who take bags of stuff with them (like some type of Victorian tourist) are likely to find that managing all their stuff is going to prove stressful. It is best to always try to travel as lightly as possible when interrailing.
  • To decide if purchasing an interrailing ticket is cost effective, it is recommended that people work out the price of buying individual tickets for their intended journey. Those people who only plan to visit a few places might find that a travel pass might not be good value for money.
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