Turmoil Abroad Affecting Brits' Travel Plans

Published: 08/07/2015

Just as Brits are finding themselves more amenable to travelling abroad, a new wave of turmoil is causing them to exercise a bit of caution. Industry analysts say that British travellers at one time more than happy to go to places such as Greece and Tunisia are less likely to do so now. One well-known travel operator has even gone so far as to warn of potential industry losses of up to £39 million directly related to international turmoil.

At the forefront of everyone's mind is the situation Tunisia. As you may know, a recent terrorist attack in June left 39 holidaymakers dead and scores more injured. Not only has the tourist industry in Tunisia been forced to scale back in light of the attacks, the UK has also ordered the cancellation of all flights to Tunisia until at least October.

Another big trouble spot is Turkey. Holidaymakers once considering visiting that country are now concerned due to the ongoing war in the Middle East moving progressively closer to the Turkish border. Tourists and tour operators are afraid, and justifiably so, of IS attacks that might be aimed at tourism regions for maximum effect.

Of course, the situation in Greece is not good either. It will be a long time before that country rebounds from its current economic crisis in a fashion that is strong enough to support a healthy tourist trade. Despite lowering prices to attract holidaymakers, Greece is likely to turn those holidaymakers away through substantial tax increases mandated by the latest bailout deal.

Brits Choosing Other Destinations

The news is not all bad for British holidaymakers looking to enjoy a couple of weeks away. One bright spot is Cuba, which is now more accessible from Europe thanks to renewed relations between the island nation and the US. Cuba is preparing to pull out all the stops to attract as many tourists as possible.

Other strong options for British travellers hoping to go overseas include Australia, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Seychelles, etc.), the Caribbean, and North America.

If those other destinations are too expensive due to the distance, Europe still has plenty to offer. Many Brits are choosing Germany as a Western European choice, or heading to Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Estonia. Eastern Europe is especially attractive because it is still relatively inexpensive at most destinations. Between the culture and history of Eastern Europe, there is a lot to grab your attention.

If you are planning an overseas holiday this year, we strongly advise you check with an experienced travel agent or the government to stay abreast of current geopolitical conditions. If you are at all concerned about your chosen destination, it is better to be safe than sorry by choosing somewhere else to go. And as always, make sure you have a good travel insurance policy in place. Travel insurance is your protection against loss and stolen luggage, itinerary changes, accidents and injuries, and so much more.



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