WOW to Add Flights to US West Coast from June 2016

Published: 01/22/2016

WOW Airlines, the discount flyer known for offering inexpensive one-way tickets, has announced plans to add flights to the US west coast from June 2016. The airline is already booking passengers hoping to get to Los Angeles or San Francisco for as little as £139 one-way. If this sounds intriguing to you, you might want to act fast. Tickets are already selling rather quickly.

The Telegraph reports that WOW will begin running the daily flights to San Francisco on 9th June, with service to Los Angeles beginning on 15th June. A staff member from The Telegraph already looked into booking flights and found only three seats remaining for the June 13th and 20th flights to San Francisco, at the £139 price.

Flights to both destinations will depart from Bristol and London Gatwick, but they will not be direct flights. WOW is an Iceland-based carrier, so all flights will travel through Reykjavik whether you are coming or going. The flights are expected to continue year-round as long as demand exists on both routes.

Be Sure to Do Your Homework

The new deals from WOW Airlines are certainly enticing for travellers willing to fly budget to the US west coast. But be sure to do your homework if you are thinking of flying WOW. The advertised price is the base price for both routes; it does not include any baggage fees or extra booking charges. What's more, the base price only applies to the lowest priced economy class seats. Some seats do cost more depending on location and extra amenities.

As always, it helps to book your flights as far in advance as possible. Getting in on the first flights of June is probably not going to be possible at this point, but start looking now if you intend to fly in July, August or September. As an alternative, WOW also offers discounted fares to Boston (on the US east coast), and they have plans to begin service to Montreal and Toronto (Canada) in May.

A Ticket to an Affordable Holiday

Discount airlines may not offer all of the extras provided by the industry's major players, but what they do offer is very attractive prices to international travellers who might otherwise have no other way to take a trip overseas. Think of it this way: a discounted airline fare from a company such as WOW could be your ticket to an affordable holiday. It may be well worth your while to put up with less leg room and fewer in-flight amenities if the discount airline affords you an opportunity to fly overseas that you would not otherwise have with a major airline.

Thus far, WOW Airlines appears to be doing very well for itself as an international carrier. The new flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles will certainly not hurt its business model. Let's hope the new routes, in addition to the Canadian additions in May, prove strong enough that the airline can keep them going long-term.



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