Holidays Cut Short by Nepal Earthquake

Published: 05/15/2015

The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 (2015) has forever devastated the lives of so many people. Between the thousands killed, and the tens of thousands injured, the tiny, landlocked country in Asia is dealing with a tragedy of unspeakable proportions. In light of that, a handful of British and Australians whose holidays were cut short do not have much to complain about.

As of Monday the 27th, 16 holidaymakers travelling with Wendy Wu Tours were waiting to get out of Nepal. Five were from the UK, 11 hail from Australia. Officials said the group would eventually get home despite uncertainties about when, exactly, that might happen. The most pressing problem for them was a backlog of tourists all trying to depart on a limited number of flights. Matters were made worse because the airport was closed for two days.

For their part, Wendy Wu Tours did an outstanding job in keeping track of their customers throughout the entire ordeal. News reports say they were on the phone with their people on the ground within minutes of the original quake striking. The group was fortunate to be staying in a hotel considered largely earthquake resistant, so there was not a great concern that aftershocks could injure the guests as they waited for departure.

Wendy Wu Tours also coordinated with other groups that had planned to visit the affected areas of Nepal in the near future. They will be altering itineraries and issuing refunds as appropriate. Everyone at the company is just thankful that no employees or guests were injured or killed in the earthquake.

DUInsure wishes the people of Nepal well as they work together to recover from the earthquake. They are a resilient and determined people that will stand tall and rebuild in the face of adversity. The rest of the world will help where we can.


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