The Mistakes That Backpackers Make In Australia – Why Some Trips Are Cut Short!

Published: 01/29/2013

There are some common mistakes that backpackers make that can ruin their plans to travel around Australia. In most cases, these mistakes are completely preventable, and they would have been avoided if the individual had thought more carefully before the trip. Here are just a few of the most common mistakes, so that you can avoid them:

Mistake Number One – Choosing the Wrong Travelling Partners

Going travelling with friends is far more intense than spending time with them at home. During this type of holiday, their bad habits, that may usually be only slightly irritating otherwise, become magnified greatly. It is important that you understand that this type of holiday is notorious for destroying friendships, and if that happens it could ruin the holiday. You need to choose your travelling partners wisely, and think carefully about travelling with anyone who you already find a bit irritating at times.

Mistake Number Two – Turning the Holiday into an Endurance Race

Holidays are there to be enjoyed, but a common mistake that people make is to turn them into a type of endurance race. This usually occurs because they have over-planned the holiday and been far too ambitious in what they have tried to fit into one day. It is vital that you have plenty of free time on a holiday or otherwise you will become burnt out. You also want your plans to have enough flexibility so that you can make changes to meet the conditions on the ground. One of the nicest things about a holiday is that many unexpected things can happen, but this will be something that drives you crazy if you have over-planned.

Mistake Number Three – Not Getting Appropriate Travel Insurance

Many things that can go wrong on a holiday, but in many instances, these mishaps can be recovered from if you have appropriate travel insurance. If you are travelling without the right type of policy, you will be taking a huge risk. It could mean that something could happen like your money being stolen, and this forces you to abandon the trip altogether. You may think that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense, but if things go wrong you will be grateful to have it – it could just save your holiday in Australia from turning into a disaster.

Mistake Number Four – Partying Too Hard at the Start of the Holiday

When you arrive in Australia you are likely to be feeling good, and in the mood to party. You will probably be arriving in a city like Sydney where there is plenty of superb nightlife. It is good that you celebrate your arrival with some partying, but if you are not careful, you could end up spending far too much money. Remember that the cash you have with you will need to last the whole trip, and you may spend the rest of the holiday struggling to survive just because of your overindulgence at the beginning.

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