Top 3 Places to Avoid in 2013

Published: 10/19/2012

Saint Augustine is reported to have once said that the world is like a book but those people who stay in the one place have only read one page. Travelling the world does broaden the mind, and it is a great way for people to see beyond their cultural view of the world. This is not to say though that all travel is going to be rewarding and enjoyable. In fact, there are some destinations that people will be best avoiding for one reason or another.

There are different reasons for why people might want to avoid travelling to certain parts of the world. Those areas where there is a high risk of terrorism or where there is an ongoing conflict can be worth avoiding because visitors may be putting their life in danger. There are also places where there is a high risk of catching disease due to an epidemic. It is only really good to go to these places when people are qualified to help fight the epidemic or offer some other help. There are also countries worth avoiding because they have a corrupt government or despotic ruler. As well as the practical reasons for avoiding places there are also more basic reasons. There are those who would claim that there are just some destinations that are not worth travelling to because they have so little to offer the visitor.

Top 3 Places to Avoid in 2013

Any list containing the top places to avoid is always going to be highly subjective. There may be some tourists who visit these places and have the time of their life. Deciding on the places to avoid in the world is not an exact science, and there will always be people who disagree. Here are just 3 places that people might want to avoid in 2013:

  • One country that is in the media all the time for the wrong reasons would be Afghanistan. There is no doubt that this country offers some fantastic scenery and interesting culture, but this region is just too dangerous to travel to. Afghanistan has been in a state of war for decades and it shows no signs of recovering from this anytime soon. The latest news is that a young girl was shot in the head for wanting to go to school. This is one place that people will want to avoid for the foreseeable future.
  • North Korea is not in a state of war, but it is under the control of a tyrannical regime. Visitors are allowed in to the country on guided tours, but apparently it is not the most fun place in the world to visit.
  • Saudi Arabia is considered a friend to the west by many, but it does not do anything to encourage non-Muslim visitors. The religious police here take a dim view on anyone who is doing anything that seems enjoyable so holiday partying is a definite no – even smiling a lot would be risky.
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