How to Save Money on Backpacker Insurance

Published: 10/04/2012

The idea of taking time out of life to travel around the world is becoming increasingly popular. This was once a type of travel that mostly appealed to gap year students, but nowadays there are people of all ages throwing off responsibilities so they can travel for long periods of time – anything from six months to 18 months, or more. This type of holiday is sure to be the experience of a lifetime, but it is important to take necessary precautions before setting out on such a voyage of discovery. One of the things that people will need to think about is travel insurance. The good news is that they will not have to pay a fortune in order to find a quality policy.

Tips for How to Save Money on Backpacker Insurance

Here are a few tips for how people can save money on backpacker insurance:

  • There is now specific travel insurance available for backpackers. It is always worth considering this as single trip insurance as multi trip annual insurance will usually not be suitable for these types of long holidays.
  • If people choose the first insurance policy that they are offered it is unlikely that they are going to end up with the best deal. It is important that people compare what is available – the more they do this the better the chance they will have of finding the best deal.
  • It is no longer necessary to contact each insurer individually to find out what they have to offer. A much better idea is to use an online price comparison website. This makes it possible to compare the quotes for many backpacker travel insurance policies in a couple of minutes. This saves time and shoe leather, and it also increases the chance of getting the best deal.
  • It is important to look closely at any policy to see if it contains any coverage that is not really required. It is usually possible to have this unnecessary coverage removed from the policy so that people can save a bit of money. There really is no point in paying for something that is not going to be required.
  • Those people who are travelling as part of a group or with their family should be able to get a discount by purchasing backpacker insurance in bulk. It is always going to be cheaper to buy more than one policy at a time.
  • There is a great deal of competition between different insurers. An agent will often be willing to offer a discount if they think they are going to lose the customer otherwise. It makes sense to bargain hard with these people.
  • When comparing insurance policies it is important to focus on more than just price. If a policy is cheap but does not offer adequate insurance then it will probably be a bad deal. There are some backpacker insurance options that are practically worthless because they cover so little.
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