Top 5 Places for Backpackers to Visit in 2013

Published: 10/15/2012

Taking a year (or more) off to travel the world is a great decision. The only real problem is deciding where to go. Even if you had the rest of your life to backpack around the globe it would still not be possible to see everything. It is therefore necessary to decide on the limits of these tours.  Here are, in our opinion and in no particular order, the top 5 places for backpackers to visit in 2013:

Siam Reap, Cambodia

Siam Reap is a town just a few kilometers from the famous Angkor Wat temple complex. This is the most popular backpacker town in Cambodia, and there are plenty of great options for cheap accommodation and good food. There is a great deal to see in the area and visitors are advised not to just limit their explorations to Angkor.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Kon Tao used to be just a diver’s paradise but now it has become a backpacker’s haven as well. This tropical island is near to the Thai islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, but it is much less touristy, and the accommodation here is also a bit cheaper. Koh Tao is a great place to just unwind for a few weeks or even months. Anyone who has seen the movie “The Beach” will appreciate what this island has to offer.

Ushuaia, Argentina

If people really want to get off the beaten track they should definitely consider Ushuaia in Argentina. This places is about as remote as they get. This is the part of Argentina that is closest to Antarctica, and it is a great place to go if people wish to check out their own survival skills. This is not the type of trip that will suit everyone, but the more adventurous type of backpacker will love it.

Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

Big Corn is an island just off the coast of Nicaragua, and this has only recently become a star attraction on the backpacker tour. This is now one of the cheapest islands in the world to visit, and it is possible to pick up accommodation for a couple of dollars – so long as you are willing to sleep in a shack on the beach. The other nice great things about Big Corn would include the spectacular views and the great seafood that is reasonably priced.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has become one of the most exciting cities out of of all the eastern European counties. This country has most definitely had its dark times but young people seem to be even more determined to enjoy themselves in spite of this. Some of the best things about Belgrade occur after dark – the nightlife is simply superb.

So there are just a few suggestions for people who intend to do some travelling around the world. Of course, ideally the job of the backpacker is to find new destinations before they get popular – the philosophy of this type of travel is that once the tourists begin to arrive, it is time to move on.

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