The Top Cuisine Hot Spots in the World

Published: 12/23/2012

If you are a food lover, you will find plenty of countries around the world where you can indulge your passions. These days most cities will have restaurants selling all the big names in international cuisine, but this is never the same as eating the food in the actual country. This is particularly true with Asian food because restaurants in the UK will adapt it to suit local tastes – this generally means that it tastes bland compared to the real thing. If you really want to enjoy the best cuisine around the world you are going to have to travel to these places – there is just no way to get around it. Here are some of the top hot spots that foodies might like to consider on their next trip:

Food of France

If you want food that is steeped in sophistication and style then the obvious choice will be French cuisine. There is probably no other country in the world that has done so much to turn cooking into an art than this place. One of the real joys of a visit to France is the opportunity to enjoy this type of food every day of the week. For an authentic experience, it is highly recommended that you get yourself invited to a meal at home with a French family. It is also suggested that you do a bit of travelling so you can sample the food in different regions of the country.

Food of India

Indian take away is the most popular type of food in the UK, but it is very different from the food you will find in India. In fact, some of the most popular Indian dishes here cannot even be found there, as they were invented in the UK. The reality is that it is difficult to pin down Indian food because it is such a huge country with many different types of cuisine. There are also few places in the world where food is as important as in India.  It plays an important role in culture as well as all their religious festivals.

Food of Thailand

In recent decades, Thai food has managed to become one of the most popular of all international cuisine. The reality is, though, that what most of us buy in the UK from Thai restaurants is a poor imitation. This is because the Thais like their food hot and spicy, but this type of dish is viewed as too strong for the average person in this country. Of course, there is also the problem that the proper ingredients are not always available in the UK, and when they are, they will not usually be fresh. A trip to Thailand can be worth it just for the food alone. It is simply delicious with many types of regional food.  

United States

The United States deserves to be on the list of world food hot sports simply because of the variety of dishes available there. Most foodies will view this country as a type heaven because there are just so many choices – they also like to give generous portions as well.

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