Top European Cities for a Long Weekend – Part 1

Published: 09/04/2015

You do not have to stay in the UK to enjoy a long weekend away from home, but we do recommend heading into Europe. Moreover, with the jittery global economy, you might not want to venture further than Europe anyway. But that's fine. There are many great European cities that would be perfect for 3-4 days with your partner, your family, or even by yourself!

DU Insure invites you to get out there and see what Europe has to offer. We have put together a list of top European cities that we will preview in this blog post and the next. All qualify as ideal holiday destinations based on accommodations, activities, transportation options, and affordability.

Paris, France

Paris will undoubtedly be the most expensive city on our list, yet one you must see if you have never done so before. It is one of the few European cities that give London an honest run for its money. Paris has world-class sites including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the world-famous Louvre Museum. There are also lots of opportunities to casually stroll city streets while you enjoy shopping and dining. And don't forget the nightlife. There is so much to see and do in Paris you could not possibly cover it all in a weekend.

Rome, Italy

Rome was the seat of an empire that, at its peak, included almost all of Europe and parts of northern Africa and Asia. The history of this city is incredible. You could spend days visiting historical ruins such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, or take a tour of the entire city to see as many of the old fountains as possible. There are unlimited opportunities for fine Italian dining, romantic moonlight walks, art and theatre, and sports. Rome is an excellent city that has it all.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is recognised around the world as one of the most significant European capitals. Vienna is the centre of classical music in Europe, having played host to the greats such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Strauss. Politically speaking, Vienna was at one time the epicentre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There is as much history in Vienna as you will find in Paris or Rome. What you will most appreciate about this city is its good nature. Local residents are more than happy to welcome you and treat you like one of the family.

Lisbon, Portugal

You don't often hear people recommend Lisbon as a great holiday destination, but it truly is. In some parts of the city, you will see plenty of old Moorish influences and neighbourhoods that look as if they have not changed in hundreds of years. In other parts of the city, you will find a very modern and upscale atmosphere. The contrast between old and new is remarkable in Lisbon, offering you an experience you will find nowhere else.


We have given you four cities to begin your list of possible destinations for a long weekend away. We hope you will visit our site again for part two of this series.

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