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Published: 05/13/2016

Reykjavik is Iceland's capital as well as being the largest city in the country and a popular tourist destination. Located in the south-west portion of Iceland, Reykjavik is home to more than 120,000 residents who enjoy living in a city that is considered the centre of Icelandic culture and economic activity.

Reykjavik can be visited at any time of year as there’s no particular peak season, given that some people prefer to visit during the warm summer months while others travel to Iceland during the winter to take advantage of its Nordic environment. The only time to avoid (if you are trying to save money and you don't like crowds) is during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.


Transportation within the city is rather limited compared to other popular destinations. When you arrive at the airport, there are numerous shuttles offering rides to the various regions of the city; one of these shuttles should be able to get you fairly close to your hotel. Getting around the city is a matter of using the public bus system or hiring a taxi. You can purchase bus passes for the day or pay for your travel on a per-trip basis. Tickets are available from bus station terminals or purchased directly from the drivers themselves.

If you prefer taxi travel, you will enjoy clean and modern vehicles operated by friendly drivers. Hail a cab from anywhere on the street or find yourself a ‘laus’ sign to stand next to it. Taxis will find you by the sign.

Important Sites

The most important sights to see in Reykjavik start with the world-famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa located 40 minutes outside of town; rest assured that your hotel will have options for transportation. Museum watchers should be sure to check out the Viking Maritime Museum, Reykjavik Open Air Museum, and the National Centre for Cultural Heritage. Kringlan is the main shopping destination in the city for those keen to spend their money and time on some retail therapy.


If nothing else, Reykjavik is a city that is more than affordable. You will not find a plethora of five-star hotels here, but you will find plenty of budget hotels, inexpensive guesthouses, and B&Bs. Be prepared for limited amenities regardless of where you stay. Hotel rooms are clean and comfortable, but they are intended to be primarily sleeping quarters. There is not a lot at the average hotel to make you want to spend an entire day there.

Everything Else

Travellers to Reykjavik find the city very welcoming and friendly. It is also considerably less dense than other capital cities, so you may feel as though Reykjavik is not so busy. You will find things most enjoyable if you take your time to relax and soak in the environment, which is not hard to do, given that Reykjavik is a very pedestrian-friendly city. One thing to note: if you plan to do anything outside of the city proper, your best bet is to book a tour through your hotel or your travel agent.

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