Winter Holiday Destinations – Part 1

Published: 11/13/2015

Fans of the winter season look forward to the end of falling leaves and the return to when the clocks go back, knowing it will not be much longer before the snow starts to fall. Winter in Europe is a lovely time of year. But if the snow doesn't fall –  or it doesn't get cold – then what do you do? No worries. Europe has plenty of lovely winter holiday destinations you can escape to for just a weekend or an entire week.

In this two-part series, we will look at some of the best winter holiday destinations for those who love the snow and cold. Part 1 will focus on Europe while part 2 will explore other regions of the world. So without further delay, here is a list of some of the best winter destinations you can start investigating:

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland's largest city is one of the first destinations that comes to mind among those who love the winter season. This modern and inviting city sees precipitation, on average, once every three days. That precipitation is usually in the form of snow from about mid-November through until early March. Zurich offers plenty to do including fine dining, exceptional shopping, and all of the winter sports you can handle in the nearby Alps. Should you decide to visit, however, bear in mind that Zurich can be expensive this time of year.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam enjoys the status of being one of Europe's most stylish and fascinating cities. It is also a great place to visit in the winter. Unlike Zurich, hotel and food prices in Amsterdam are considerably lower in January and February, which just happens to be the best time to go if you are looking for any snow. Amsterdam gets just enough snow to beautifully adorn the city and simultaneously make the outlying areas accessible for winter sports, but not so much as to force you to stay inside.

Innsbruck, Austria

As someone who loves the winter season, you may be all about skiing. Innsbruck in Austria will be your winter destination of choice if that is the case. Why? For starters, there is a reason Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 in 1976: lots of snow. Its geographic location high in the Alps has made Innsbruck a winter sports powerhouse for generations.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's capital city of Prague is one of the best-kept winter secrets in Europe. First and foremost, it is a very affordable destination that fits into nearly every budget. For those who love winter, the city gets an ample amount of snow along with comfortably cold temperatures. It is also home to one of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe. If you are planning your winter holiday around the Christmas season, consider Prague.


That brings part 1 of this series to a close. Be sure to come back again when we look at more winter holiday destinations in North America and elsewhere.

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