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Published: 12/26/2014

You would expect us to talk a lot about holiday travel insurance at DU Insure, because travel insurance is what we do. Having said that, we would recommend winter sports travel insurance even if we were not in the business. Too much can go wrong when engaging in skiing, snowboarding and other types of winter sports activities – things that can end up costing you a lot of money out of pocket.

We recommend you seriously consider purchasing insurance if you plan to take a winter sports holiday this year. Here are five reasons for this recommendation:

#1 – Risk of Injury

There is a good reason why standard travel insurance policies do not cover winter sports by default: the ever-present risk of injury. Winter sports are such that broken bones and bruised limbs are common. The problem is, the free medical care offered by the NHS is not necessarily available around the world. You need to have insurance in place to pay for any medical care you cannot get free of charge.

#2 – Repatriation Expenses

If you were unfortunate to have an accident, it could end up being serious enough to require a long stay that well exceeds your normal holiday plans. Alternatively, perhaps you might have to come home early. In either case, repatriation expenses can be sizeable when you are talking about changing flight plans and cancelling hotel reservations. Costs can be even higher if your repatriation requires specialised equipment or medical assistance while travelling. A good insurance plan will pay for it all.

#3 – Equipment Damage

Have you ever damaged your winter sports equipment in the past? If so, how much did it cost to replace or repair? One of the added benefits of winter sports travel insurance is the option to cover your equipment. Whether it is damage during travel or while you are actually using it, your insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement. Insurance lets you truly enjoy your holidays without worrying about breaking something.

#4 – Theft

It is unfortunate to have to say so, but theft is always a risk when you are on holiday. Winter sports travel insurance can cover your equipment and any other personal belongings you take with you on your trip. There is no reason for your holiday to be ruined by criminals who help themselves to your skis, snowboards, etc.

#5 – Change of Plans

Winter trouble has a bad habit of interrupting even the best-laid plans. You may miss a flight because a bad snowstorm prevents you from driving. You may be unable to ski at your favourite resort because of overbooking or an administrative mix up. Regardless of why your plans change, there is no need for you to suffer financial loss. You do not have to when you have a winter sports travel insurance policy.

Winter is an excellent time of year to get out and enjoy all nature has to offer. Before you hit the trails or slopes, make sure you have an adequate insurance policy in hand.

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