Health: This policy contains restrictions regarding Existing Medical Conditions which unless declared and accepted by the Insurers in writing prior to travel may invalidate anysubsequent claim. If You are in any doubt as to whether You would be covered by thepolicy please call the Medical Screening Helpline T. 0203 829 3881. 

 Existing Medical Condition:

- Any cancer, heart condition (including hypertension and
high cholesterol), blood circulatory condition, respiratory
condition (including asthma), renal condition (relating to
the liver or kidney), stroke, psychiatric or psychological
condition (including anxiety, stress and depression) for
which You have received treatment or been prescribed
medication within the last twelve months.

- Any other Medical Condition for which You have seen a
specialist or been admitted to hospital overnight within the
last twelve months. (please see the Important Health
Requirements - Existing Medical Conditions section on
pages 4 to 5 for full details and conditions).

- Any excess applied as part of an Existing Medical
Condition cannot be waived as part of the excess waiver



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