Making a Motor Insurance Claim 

Motor Policies Underwritten By Tradewise Insurance: Claims and Proceedings

  • Full details of any incident which may result in a claim under this insurance shall be reported to the Underwriters as soon as reasonably possible on the claims line 0800 205 5513 
(if abroad call +44 344 620 1234)
  • Every claim form, writ, summons, legal process or other communication in connection with any such incident shall be forwarded to the Underwriters immediately upon receipt
  • The Underwriters shall be given all information and assistance they may require in connection with any such incident or claim in respect thereof
  • The Underwriters shall be advised immediately of the time and place of any impending prosecution or inquest or fatal inquiry
  • No admission of liability or offer or promise of payment shall be made without the Underwriters’ written consent
  • The Police shall be notified as soon as reasonably possible of loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft or criminal damage


  1. Always take the names and addresses of other parties involved; all witnesses and full particulars of any Police Officer at the scene
  2. NEVER admit liability under any circumstances
  3. Always stop in the event of an accident and give full particulars to any person having reasonable grounds for requiring them
  4. Accidents must be reported to the Police within 24 hours of the event
  5. Always take full details of other parties Insurance and Policy Number, also remember to take their vehicle registration number
  6. Contact Tradewise immediately who will send you an accident report form without delay
  7. Notify Tradewise as soon as possible, of any accident, however trivial; complete and return an accident report form, with two competitive repair estimates (if your policy provides cover for own damage) to Tradewise.

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