Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance is ideal for any traveller who is is taking multiple trips over the space of one year. Annual travel insurance will cover you for as many trips as you want to take during a twelve month period. Our policies are sold in durations of 31 days, 45 days and 60 days, meaning you can decide how long any one trip will last and what region in the world you want to travel to without buying single trip travel insurance for each excursion. You can therefore tailor your policy to your individual needs.

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Year Travel Insurance

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Benefits

One advantage of our annual travel insurance policies is the fact that more than 60 hazardous activities and adventure sports are covered automatically. We offer cover for activities such as bungee jumping, orienteering, surfing, white water rafting and heaps more.

Our annual travel insurance also offers you 21 days of wintersports and ski insurance as part of your policy at no extra cost, and allows you to travel as much as you require during a 12 month period (within your policy limits).

I'm Still Not Sure Whether an Annual Multi Trip Insurance Policy is Right for Me...

Individual Annual Travel Insurance

Let's simplify things for you. Let's say you want to take four holidays over the next twelve months. The first is for three days to France, the second is a three week trip to New Zealand, the third is skiing in Austria for a week and the final trip is a long weekend in New York. Annual travel insurance would be a perfect fit for your travel needs - you could take out a 31 day annual policy and you would be covered for all four trips.

Family Annual Travel Insurance

Our family annual travel insurance cover is ideal for a family who are looking to travel multiple times in a single year. Let's assume you wish to take five holidays over the next twelve months. The first is a family holiday to Spain for a week, the second is a long weekend to France for just Mum and the two kids, the third is for a romantic holiday to Venice for just Mum & Dad for 3 days, the fourth is a Dad & son skiing holiday to Italy for 4 days and the final holiday is another family vacation to Portugal for two weeks.

This would cost just £64.00 (a saving of £82.32, or almost 70%*)

It's worth noting that the cover is still valid if the adults travel without the children, either individually or as a couple, however children must always be accompanied by at least one adult at any time to ensure they are protected by the annual insurance policy.

*based on a quote from 30th July 2018, Annual vs Comprehensive policies

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