Ski Insurance for UK Travellers

If you need ski travel insurance, you can get it at a fraction of the cost of travel agents when you purchase from Downunder Travel Insurance. As a travel insurance specialist, we are experts in providing ski insurance options that are ideal for backpackers and independent travellers under the age of 55. If you want to enjoy the freedom of both world travel and skiing on your next holiday, our policies let you do so - worry free.

Our ski insurance covers many of the standard activities relating to winter holidays. That includes more than 60 adventure sports, all covered automatically. Why limit yourself to just skiing when you can also enjoy snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and so much more? After all, you never know what your new holiday friends are going to be up to on any given day.

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Ski Travel Insurance


Forget Travel Agents, Go Direct

We know many travellers and backpackers purchase their insurance from the same travel agents they use to organise their holidays. Travel agents charge you more than you need to pay in order to cover their own costs and often add on substantial additional fees.

Whether you use a travel agent or take advantage of do-it-yourself holidays you can purchase insurance directly from a company like ours quickly and easily. In addition, it's usually cheaper than you might think. Why save all that money on budget airlines and hotels only to pay more than you have to for insurance cover?

When you purchase your ski policy from Downunder, you can get cover for a single trip or an entire season in the snow. We will even cover you for skiing and snowboarding both on and off-piste. Remember, serious injuries and deaths are part of winter sports activities like skiing. You cannot afford not to be covered in the event something unfortunate happens.

Our ski insurance covers you for the following:

•    both hired and owned winter sports equipment
•    ski hire costs
•    ski pack; including lift passes
•    piste closures
•    delays caused by avalanche

Our Ski Insurance - A Comprehensive Package

If you are concerned a ski insurance policy will not be enough, don't be. Our ski insurance is more than just coverage for skiing mishaps and related problems; it includes comprehensive cover that protects you against so many other things. For example, comprehensive insurance includes:

•    cancellations and trip interruption
•    personal accidents and medical emergencies
•    lost luggage, travel documents, and cash
•    missed departures and itinerary changes
•    personal liability and legal expenses

With everything included in our comprehensive insurance, you'll be covered for almost anything when you travel abroad. There's no need for you to take any chances regarding any part of your ski holiday by not being properly insured. Ski insurance from Downunder is easy to purchase, easy to manage, and very affordable.

When it comes time to plan your next ski holiday, don't forget to include insurance. Get a quick quote today or contact us to find out more.

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