Downunder offers student travel insurance direct to you at the cheapest prices available. You can get an instant quote for student travel insurance for any period from 5 days to 18 months, depending on your destination and from where you are departing. Our travel insurance policies are excellent value for UK students wanting a short trip away, or those looking to take a gap year for a year or longer.

Whether it is a short break or a gap year, travelling gives you the chance to see the world, work or volunteer abroad and broaden your horizons. Whilst the majority of people who travel the world do so without a problem, it is good to know you have your student travel insurance policy to fall back on should you need it. After all, medical expenses can escalate if something serious happens, which can leave an already broke student with mounting debts if they don't have the right travel insurance policy. 

Travel insurance will keep you safe (and your parent(s) sane - although we can't promise this one!) when you leave home and head overseas for whatever period of time you decide to travel. Downunder Travel Insurance are leaders in the student and gap year travel insurance market, with some of the best prices available to backpackers and students. So, get your student travel insurance online from DUInsure, today.

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Students Travel Insurance

What does almost every student want to do before settling down and facing the real world of jobs, families, and children? To travel around the world, of course.

It's natural for people to want to see the world while they are still young. That's why so many of them choose to take a year or so after school or university to strap on a backpack and travel abroad. At Downunder
we are committed to helping student travellers by offering affordable insurance policies that are perfect for the young and adventurous.

Our best insurance policy for student world travellers is our Backpacker Policy. Backpacker insurance from Downunder provides students all of the standard cover you would expect; medical cover, emergency
assistance, and so on. However, our backpacker insurance goes well beyond the basics by offering additional protection for:

•    lost or stolen baggage
•    personal effects including cameras, computers, and other valuables
•    travel documents and cash
•    missed departures
•    personal liability cover

Seeing the world with nothing more than a backpack is an exciting adventure for a young student. But doing so without appropriate student travel insurance is risky behaviour we don't advise. Our affordable
policies make it easy for students to get the cover they need without spending a lot of money.

Additional Benefits of a DUInsure Policy

You may have heard that all student travel policies are the same. At Downunder, we can assure you that is not the case. Our student travel insurance offers numerous benefits starting with a 14-day money-back guarantee. As long as a policy does not terminate within a month of the purchase date, you can cancel it and get your money back, no questions asked.

If you want to travel beyond your covered destination, our bonus cover option lets you do so for a period of 25% of the total policy term. For example, if you bought a 12-month policy with Europe as your covered destination you could spend up to three months in other places like Australia and New Zealand. Nothing in your policy would change simply because you wanted to see some other places.

Downunder offers even more benefits including:

•    the ability to modify your policy to account for changes during your trip
•    an excess waiver option for additional premium
•    24 hour medical emergency cover
•    automatic cover for more than 60 adventure sports and activities

Lastly, because we concentrate on younger travellers who are less expensive to insure than their older counterparts are, we can offer you better pricing as well as an online platform that makes purchasing
and managing your policy as easy as can be. We know students tend to be online creatures, which is why we've put so much work into developing our customer platform.

Before you embark on that long awaited trip around the world, plan accordingly with a student travel insurance policy from Downunder. With a policy from us, you'll be able to enjoy your trip with the peace of
mind that comes from knowing you are adequately covered.

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