Winter Sports Insurance

Downunder Insurance offer cheap winter sport travel insurance cover with no corners cut. We can cover you from a few days on the slopes up to 45 days skiing or snowboarding. If you require more than 45 days cover, please contact us today for a custom quote.

Our winter sports insurance policy is available to anyone under 55 years of age who has a UK residential address. Our Winter Sports Policy comes with 'Comprehensive Cover' so not only will you be covered on the slopes but you will have extensive medical emergency assistance, baggage cover, personal liability, legal expenses cover and much more. You get all this as well as cover for:

  • Winter sports equipment, both hired and owned
  • Ski Hire costs
  • Ski pack, including lift passes
  • Piste closure
  • Delay due to Avalanche

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Ski Travel Insurance

For insurance purposes, winter sports are those typically participated in during winter months -- when there is snow on the ground. Participation usually occurs at a resort or recreational sports facility, although
that's not always the case. The most common examples of winter sports UK travellers participate in include:

•    skiing and snowboarding
•    recreational racing
•    mono skiing
•    cross-country skiing
•    snowmobiling
•    tobogganing
•    ice skating

Why You Need Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Because Brits love their winter sports, Downunder is happy to provide insurance cover perfectly suited to their needs. It's a good idea to have winter sports cover added to your travel policy if you plan to participate
in any of these sports while abroad. Even if winter sports make up only a small portion of your travel, you'll need the extra cover to be fully insured. You'll be covered with ski insurance & snowboarding insurance as part of our general winter sports insurance product.

Winter sports can be, by their very nature, dangerous. Winter sports travel insurance gives you added protection against accidents and emergencies resulting from your sporting activity. It also covers
lost, stolen, and damaged equipment as well.

Without cover, you could be facing significant bills in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. The increased financial burden of such circumstances is something you just don't need. Why ruin the memories
of a great winter holiday just to save a few pounds on insurance?

Annual Travel Insurance Might Be Better Option

If you travel away from the UK frequently, a more cost-effective option for you to consider is an annual multi-trip insurance policy from Downunder. This type of insurance includes our comprehensive cover on
any trips taken within the policy's 12-month term. However, your trip must commence and conclude within that term.

In addition to the benefit of enjoying multiple trips throughout the year, you will also enjoy cover for up to 21 days of skiing. You'll be able to take up to three skiing holidays per year and include some general travel as
well. Best of all, you are covered for a full year without having to renew or constantly modify your policy. Other benefits of a multi-trip policy with comprehensive cover include:

•    personal liability cover
•    baggage cover
•    legal expenses cover
•    medical emergency assistance

A Downunder annual multi-trip insurance policy is ideal for those who go abroad several times per year because it covers winter sports excursions as well as general travel. There's no better way to get the
coverage you need in order to make the best of your holidays.

Make Winter Sports Cover Part of Your Plan

Whether you choose to add winter sports insurance to a single trip travel policy or take out an annual multi-trip policy, one thing is clear: if you are planning to participate in winter sports, insurance coverage is a necessity. Please do not risk the potential consequences of going without it. The financial damage that could result from accident, illness, theft, or travel delay could far outweigh the amount of money you
would pay for your travel insurance.

If you would like more information on our winter sports travel or annual multi-trip policies, please contact us today.

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