Family Safety Abroad

For many families, an annual holiday is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Having the chance to spend some time together without work and school getting in the way is one of the main reasons for taking a break; along with the usual reasons like taking a rest and getting some much-needed sun.

Keeping the family safe in a foreign country is, of course, a priority. Certain precautions need to be taken; below are just a few tips to make a family holiday a safe and happy one.

  • Check out the Foreign Office website before booking a holiday to ensure that your chosen destination is a safe one. There are some countries suffering from the effects of rioting and political unrest. Heed any warnings and choose a country at peace for maximum safety. Also, take a look at the country’s crime statistics and choose a safe area to stay in.
  • Take out a family travel insurance policy and make sure it provides plenty of medical cover as well as repatriation costs. If the worst should happen and a family member becomes ill or is injured, suitable treatment and flights home will be necessary. Having cover for these circumstances could prevent some nasty debts in the future.
  • While package holidays are not everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday, they do usually provide a child-friendly environment with children’s pools, kid’s clubs, and staff on hand who are competent with little ones. Many resorts employ British staff with recognised qualifications to work in the children’s department, which can be a comfort for families from the UK.
  • Outside the protective confines of a holiday resort, parents should put a few safety precautions in place during sightseeing trips. Teenagers who want to wander off and look at the shops or sights should have their own mobile phone with them, in case of emergency. Make sure the phones are charged and have adequate credit in them if they are a ‘Pay as You Go’ version. Arrange a firm time to meet along with an easily found meeting place, and call them immediately if they fail to show up.
  • Smaller children will obviously be with their parents while out on day trips and excursions. An innovative new idea that has piqued parent’s interest is a temporary tattoo for children with any necessary information and a mobile phone number. Known as ‘Safety Tats’ these provide vital information should the child be separated from his or her parent, resulting in a quick reunion.
  • Ensure that older girls are dressed appropriately for the country being visited. While crop tops and miniskirts may be normal fashion attire at home, unfortunately this may be frowned upon, especially in some Muslim countries. Skimpy attire may also attract unwanted attention, so it is wise to cover up and be safe.
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