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Published: 09/07/2012

Up until a few decades ago it was only the very rich who got to travel around the world. Nowadays it is viewed as almost natural that we take a year off to see what’s out there. Many of us will be travelling on a really tight budget, but in parts of the world like South East Asia, and South America it is possible to really stretch our money out. It is only natural that those of us who are taking some time out to travel will be looking to save some money but one expense that we will not want to skimp too much on is travel insurance.

The Need of Travel Insurance for Journeys around the World

Backpackers have turned travelling around the world on a shoestring budget into an art form but only the most reckless would consider doing it without travel insurance. This is because there is a high risk that something is going to go wrong during a long period away from home, and if you do not have travel insurance you could be in real trouble. Even if you are going to be sticking to countries that have a good infrastructure you are still going to need travel insurance because:

· If you get sick or have an accident you will usually need to pay money in order to be treated. In some parts of the world they will only offer you minimum (if that) medical treatment if you are unable to prove that you can pay. This is worrying because in order to get the appropriate medical care you might need to pay a great deal of money. So long as you have travel insurance though you will only need to worry about getting better.

· If you are really sick and the place where you are does not have adequate health facilities your insurance will pay for you to be evacuated home.

· During the course of a long trip abroad there is a good chance that you will lose or have your gear stolen. With travel insurance you will easily be able to get this replaced.

· Flight cancellations can happen for many reasons – you can get sick or just have other reasons why you need to cancel. The great thing about travel insurance is that you will not have to worry about losing money should this happen.

· If you get involved in an accident where somebody else is hurt you could be in trouble without the right insurance. If you have personal liability in your travel insurance you will not have to worry too much about being sued.

How to Find Cheap Travel Insurance

Travel insurance really is a must, but you do not have to spend a great deal of money in order to benefit from this on your trip. In order to get the cheapest deals it is recommend that you compare your options. Remember though that you should not just consider the price but also what the insurance covers.

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