Escape the British Winter – Part 3

Published: 11/07/2014

For the last few blog posts, we have been discussing various places you can go if you are looking to escape the British winter. Thus far, we have talked about both short and medium-haul destinations, mainly focusing on the Mediterranean and North African regions. In the final part of this series, we will look at some long-haul destinations.

Keep in mind that a long-haul destination is one with a flight time of more than six hours. These are destinations that usually involve longer stays of 10 to 14 days. Of course, you can stay as long as your schedule and budget allow. The important thing is that you get out of the British winter weather and into something more agreeable.


The Indian Ocean has been a favourite for British travellers since the 1990s. Mauritius is the most popular destination in the region, being a great place to go for a wonderful combination of shopping, nightlife, water sports and golf. One of the advantages it has over some of its neighbours is the fact that Mauritius is contained on a single island. That makes getting anywhere you want to go relatively easy. Of course, the glorious tropical weather doesn’t hurt, either.

The Seychelles

The number two destination in the Indian Ocean is the Seychelles. This country is an archipelago of 150 islands set aside mainly for holidaymakers. Honeymooners love the Seychelles because it offers many opportunities for complete privacy on secluded islands surrounded by crystal clear water and white sand. However, worry not; the Seychelles is a great family destination as well.

Orlando, Florida (USA)

Orlando is easily the top draw for Brits looking to travel to the States during the winter months. Not only is the weather sunny and warm most of the time, but the area is also the theme park capital of the world. You can choose between Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and more. There are also hundreds of other smaller attractions surrounded by a plethora of hotels and resorts.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean region includes a collection of tropical island nations such as Jamaica, St Lucia, and St Thomas. Rather than list all of your options, we thought it best just to include the Caribbean as a single destination. The advantage of visiting the Caribbean is that you can choose a single island or take a cruise throughout the entire region. No matter where you go, you will be treated to glorious sunshine and warm temperatures.


Lastly, Dubai has become a tourism hotspot for Europe in recent years. The Emirate has put a lot of financial resources into developing a healthy tourism trade, including building some incredible golf courses along with luxury resorts and a world-class port. Dubai is the Middle East as you've never seen it before.


Are you ready to make your plans to escape the British winter? We hope so. There are plenty of great destinations offering warmth, sunshine and plenty of time to relax and enjoy!

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