Getting Around on Safari Trucks

Published: 08/19/2013

An extensive journey around a continent such as Africa is not an easy task nor one to be taken lightly.  With the high levels of conflict and unrest that Africa experiences, traveling on one’s own can be dangerous and tricky if you don’t have contacts where you’re going.  A decent trip through Africa takes up to three months and a popular mode of travel and accommodation during these long treks is safari truck. 


Safari trucks are a great way to see Africa for many reasons.  They are rugged, hardy vehicles that can handle a variety of terrains and are camouflaged which helps if you’re on an actual safari and looking for animals which is a huge part of any African holiday.  The trucks have ample storage which accommodates every passenger’s luggage and tents and a good portion of the meals that will be eaten along the way.  The climate in Africa is suited perfectly to sleeping in tents with little rain and plenty of warm, dry air.


The drivers and guides on the trucks are seasoned travelers and know the areas that you visit well, making for a safer and more enriching experience on the road.  They speak your language and understand any fears or uncertainties you may harbor in what can be quite a hostile land at times.  They have contacts and are familiar with restaurants and sites that you’ll visit. 


On a safari truck you don’t need to know directions or where your next stop will be.  You don’t have to check your luggage in and out every time you change your mode of transport and you never have to change your mode of transport.  You spend a length of time on a safari truck with the same people which allows you to get to know your fellow travelers and form bonds, making life-long friends.  A safari truck will take you from A to B which in some cases can span a very long distance for instance, Cairo to Johannesburg.  This stint includes so many different countries and cultures and a variety of landscapes such as the mountains in Rwanda, the Serengeti plains, the pristine blue waters of Tanzania, silverback gorillas, the Big Five, the ZambeziRiver to name just a few.


Safari trucks are crude and can be quite affordable, given how long you spend on them.  They are certainly an option to rival most other ways of getting around and anyone who hasn’t ticked Africa off their list of places to visit is surely intending on doing so someday.


As you travel, all your needs are taken care of, you make friends and you see Africa.  It is hard to find such all-encompassing ways of getting around without breaking the bank to do so.  Nowhere else you can experience these lengthy overland treks although other countries also have safari trucks such as New Zealand and the Dominican Republic but these are mainly for site seeing purposes and one day trips around the immediate vicinity.

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