Off the Beaten Track in Europe

Published: 11/18/2012

Visitors to mainland Europe tend to follow the same route, from one tourist attraction to the next. This can certainly be enjoyable, but it is hardly a unique experience. Those people who are a bit more adventurous can do something different while exploring these great countries. Here are just a few ideas for going off the beaten track in Europe.

Kvarner Islands, Croatia

The Kvarner Islands are located in the Adriatic Sea, and this is one of the most exotic locations in Europe. The four islands each have something unique to offer, and it is one of the few places in the world where it is still possible to find a deserted beach on a hot day. Despite how attractive this area is as a travel destination, it is still considered off the beaten track. This means that it offers all the correct ingredients for people who wish to experience something a bit different.

Monschau, Germany

Monschau is a resort town that is well loved by Germans, but it is surprisingly neglected by foreign visitors. It is located in the hills of North Eifel, and it is right on the banks of the River Rur. The town is home to some of the most stunningly beautiful buildings in Europe. Monschau castle is the main attraction, but there is also plenty more to see. There is also an open air classical music festival here each year.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is arguably the most attractive lake in the whole of Europe. It is picture postcard perfect, and it is likely that many people will have seen images of it without knowing where it is. Lake Bled can be found in the northwest of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. The lake itself is a type of glacial lake, and it is surrounded by forests and mountains. There is a charming small island in the middle of the lake with some interesting buildings on it that are worth visiting.

Recsk, Hungary

Recsk was once home to a gulag where political prisoners were often tortured and murdered. This was a grim episode in the area’s history, but Recsk has a great deal more to offer than bad memories from the past. Wine lovers are going to really enjoy a trip to this part of the world. There are many vineyards, and it is a wonderfully picturesque location. Tourists are still rare enough in this part of the world that they get treated like royalty.

Carnac, France

Carnac is located on the south coast of Brittany, so it is in easy reach of the UK. The main attraction here is the pre-Celtic standing stones, but there are also some other nice things to see in the area. There are five nearby beaches that are well worth visiting if people are looking for a bit of relaxation. The French love to holiday here, and there are plenty of local campgrounds and hotels. There is said to be a unicorn living somewhere in Carnac, and if a visitor happens to capture a photo of this mythical beast they could end up rich!

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