Top Five Old Towns to Visit

Published: 08/01/2014

One of the best things about living in the UK, from a travel perspective, is the availability of so many wonderful towns you can visit and enjoy. We have a very rich history here that can only be truly appreciated when you get out there and see it for yourself.

We encourage you to visit some of our old towns if you are planning to holiday here in the UK. You will not be disappointed. To help make your choice of towns to visit easier, we have put together a list. Here are the top five old towns to check out in the UK:

5. Bath, Somerset

As one of the more well known cities in England, Bath has a rich history dating back to pre-Roman Europe. However, it was the Roman establishment of multiple bathhouses that put the city on the map. Even after the Romans left, the city remained a popular bath town through to the Georgian era. The entire history of England can be seen by roaming around this wonderful city.

4. Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury is another city owing its historical significance to the Roman Empire. When the Romans first conquered the area, they establish a settlement and built the city's main wall. The wall was rebuilt in the 14th century after years of disrepair and battle damage. While you are there, make a point of seeing Canterbury Cathedral and the ruins of Saint Augustine's Abbey.

3. Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool is well known in the modern era as, among other things, the home of the Beatles. It is also recognised by the music industry as the world's capital of pop music. Nevertheless, there is more to this wonderful port city. It was built on the trade of the sea, and the sea still plays an important role in the Liverpool of today. It is a culturally diverse city that incorporates the best of England, Ireland and, due to the slave trade, Africa and China as well.

2. Exeter, Devon

At one time, the fortress at Exeter marked the south-west limit of the Roman Empire in England. However, the city was not officially recognised until the early 12th century. It is one of the most culturally important cities in England, especially in the areas of literature and theatre. The famous Exeter Book, a historically important anthology of Anglo-Saxon poetry, is kept safely in the vault of the Exeter Cathedral.

1. Birmingham, West Midlands

Birmingham’s historic value to England is unquestionable. Its history dates back to 600 BC as a centre of commerce and political power. Yet the area had been settled for hundreds of years before its official recognition as a city. Your stay in Birmingham offers plenty to see and do by way of historical buildings, museums, architecture, and culture.

We have provided five cities you can visit for a wonderful holiday right here at home. There are many, many more to choose from, so feel free to explore whatever old towns strike your particular fancy.

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