Where to Spend Christmas Abroad

Published: 11/27/2015

There are those who forgo traditional summer holidays in order to be able to travel abroad for Christmas. And why not? The Christmas season is an excellent time to travel outside of the UK in order to experience other cultures. You might even decide to go because you do not necessarily celebrate Christmas yourself, and you want to holiday somewhere that enables you to get away from the normal celebrations here in Europe. That's okay too.

We've put together a list of just a few destinations for you to choose from. Wherever you go, make it a place where you can relax and unwind. There is no point in making your holiday a stressful one.

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The Middle East is always a good destination to consider visiting during the UK winter. And among all locales in this region of the world, none is as exciting and noteworthy as Dubai. The government of Dubai has gone out of its way over the last several decades to make the emirate one of the premier tourist attractions in the region. The hotels are grand, the shopping is even more so, and the weather is near perfect in December and January. Best of all, it is a mid-haul destination.

Barbados – Lesser Antilles

Most countries in the Caribbean are very expensive during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. So while you might prefer something like Jamaica or Saint Lucia, you might not be able to afford the flights and hotels at that time of year. Another alternative is Barbados. This island in the Lesser Antilles offers you all the benefits of some of the other islands, including great weather and plenty of beach resorts to choose from, but it is less expensive.

Thailand – South East Asia

Thailand has been a favourite among UK travellers for a while now. It is a culturally diverse nation with incredible food and some of the most awe-inspiring nature on the planet. It is relatively affordable year-round as well. The only caution here is to avoid the east coast during December and January – that is the rainy season. Stay in west or central Thailand and you will be okay.

Florida – USA

The US state of Florida is easily the most popular Christmas tourist destination in North America. Most notable is the central portion of the state where you will find Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and dozens of other tourist attractions that ramp things up for Christmas. There's certainly no shortage of things to do in Florida during December and January. The weather is not bad either.

St Petersburg – Russia

If you like your Christmas holidays to be accompanied by plenty of snow and cold temperatures, St Petersburg might be more to your liking. It is a world-class destination with plenty of museums, culture, and a world-renowned New Year's Eve celebration that is not to be missed.


Wherever you decide to travel, make your Christmas a good one. After all, it only happens once a year.

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