Working Holidays Abroad - Manual Labour

Published: 02/12/2014

Do you want to get paid while you travel the world?  Are you taking a year off between school and university or do you have your heart set on an OE?  Overseas working holidays are becoming increasingly popular, accessible and affordable.  There are numerous agencies online who are there to help you arrange the correct visas, will assist you in finding suitable accommodation, can arrange your work for you and set up your flights.  Remember to get good value travel insurance for working holidays.  Downunder Travel Insurance offers working holiday cover that will give you peace of mind.


Imagine all of the fun you’ll have if you settle into a bustling city, get a great job where you can meet locals and other travelers and plan your journeys from there whilst you earn good money to fund your trips or maybe locate yourself on a ranch somewhere like Australia and learn to round up cattle while you earn money and save for holidays around the country.


Or maybe become a ski instructor in Canada.  There are so many outdoor active and labour-orientated jobs out there that don’t require a degree or previous experience.  You may even have a load of money already to fund your trip and would prefer to do voluntary manual work overseas.  There are so many options and you will always walk away with more experience under your belt and memories to treasure than what you began with.  All you need to do is get online and search.


Manual jobs are a dime a dozen overseas.  They are well paid if you put in good hours so you can make them what you want them to be.  Construction, restoration, driving, couriering, fruit picking, farm hands and municipal work are a few options.


The hardest decision you’ll probably have to make on a working holiday is where to go.  You need to narrow down your choices by deciding on a specific line or work and country that you’re interested in.  From there you can contact agencies and companies online to get the ball rolling and explore what job opportunities are out there for you.  It’s as simple as that.  It is important to have some funds before you leave.  Just enough to see you through the first month or so while you look for work.  An open return ticket home is also a good idea in case you run out of money and can’t buy a ticket back. 


If you don’t like surprises then brush up on your knowledge of your city of destination.  Things that are worth educating yourself on are: the type or work available there, what living conditions are like and how much they cost, what language do the locals speak and how do their customs differ from yours?  Is the working environment much different there and are there any important facts that you can learn about to do with their culture?  How safe is the country for a solo traveler, if you plan on going alone? 

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