The following endorsement is available on request from your issuing agent, upon payment of an additional premium, providing the additional endorsement is noted on the policy validation certificate.

Downunder Travel Insurance Valuables Cover Extension

Please note: upon payment of an appropriate additional premium cover can be extended beyond the Valuables limits stated in the Schedule of Cover for sporting equipment, photographic or video equipment, computer or telephone equipment and musical instruments. Cover can be extended for up to 35 days, up to 6 months, up to 12 months or up to 18 months and all items specified will be individually shown on your Certificate. The maximum payment for any one item is £1,000 with a total aggregate payment for all items of £2,000. You will be responsible for 10% of the value of the claim for all specified items, in additional to the usual applicable excess. You must supply an original purchase receipt or, if not available, a written pre-loss insurance valuation from a reputable dealer for all items. All valuables for which extended cover has been agreed would still be subject to the exclusions applicable to section 8 with the exception of exclusion h) where the exclusion of musical instruments is deleted. In addition, there will be no cover for i) any loss or damage as a result of scratching or denting ii) whilst any item is being serviced or repaired iii) for Sporti ng Equipment whilst in use. Jewellery, furs, watches, antiques or articles made of or containing precious metals or stones cannot be covered within this upgrade.


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